Youtube Post Calculator

How To Calculate Youtube Post Pricing:

Since many Brands and Creators have no clue how to determine the value of a YouTube sponsored social post, we’ve created some calculator tools that factor engagement rates and views based on our extensive market research and experience.    Using this tool, we can successfully determine the per-post-value range based on engagement pricing, or CPV (Cost Per View) pricing for both Dedicated and Non-Exclusive Video posts.

Enter total views from the last 10 videos posted in the blanks below

Place the “last ten views average” from Step 1 on the previous tab in the top box below labeled “average view”.  A traditional dedicated post video will carry a value of between $.01 – $.15 (between 3-8 cents is most widely accepted).  Results will be placed below to help determine video value at each price increment.

If you do not know your Youtube average views (How to Calculate Youtube Average Views) can help

A “Non-Exclusive” YouTube video is a YouTube video that includes multiple brands and products, including even direct competitors.  In influencer media kits, especially YouTubers, there is often a special rate for non-exclusive YouTube content that features a Brand in conjunction with other Brands and products. Non-exclusive videos are typically less expensive to purchase from a Creator than exclusive videos because the Brand and product is mentioned in addition to others.

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To Calculate the estimated value of a Non-Dedicated or Mention YouTube video, simply place the selected dollar amount for a “Dedicated” YouTube post from Step 2 calculations in the previous tab.  The calculator below will automatically show a solid estimate for what a Creator should charge for this type of post.  Since this video may include other products or offers, it is reasonable to see why these types of video posts are priced so much lower than the Exclusive “Dedicated” video posts. 

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