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Brands / Campaign Initiators

With the shift in advertising dollars moving from outdated TV and radio spots to online content, social media influencers and reality show celebs have become the best choice for brands seeking to promote their product(s).  Due to their large number of viewers and measurable rates of engagement, companies are flocking to these types of celebrities in order to tap into their audiences.

At, we’ve created the simplest and most efficient way for creators and brands to work together. By utilizing the proprietary value calculators on this site, creators and brands can better understand the market value of each creator’s content produced across the various social networks and therefore, hire accordingly.   Our creators have used the market calculators to put together pricing for brands seeking to reach potential customers and have published their “no haggle” prices right up front!  Knowing this information ahead of time helps all parties save time and effort while affording brand managers the opportunity to spread out their marketing dollars effectively to reach their ideal audience(s).

As a Brand or Business, you undoubtedly have already recognized the transition from how advertising was done even just a couple of years ago to where you see it today.  In today’s world, advertisers are flocking to social media influencers in order to capitalize on their audience engagement and their sheer ability to reach massive amounts of typically highly-concentrated demographics.  The pitfalls with this shift in the advertising paradigm can be significant. Here are some issues brands today are experiencing when trying to do business with these creators:

  1. Time is money, right? So, how are you finding the creators?

  2. How do you determine the value of the content they create?

  3. From the time you locate a creator with whom you’d like to engage, how long does it take you to locate, contact, convey the scope of the job, negotiate a price and contract with them? Do your issues multiply  when having to work with multiple creators?

  4. How do the creators know you’re serious and differentiate your opportunity from the many others they receive?

  5. How do you resolve disputes, should they arrive, when you don’t get the content you wanted?